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    Update: Legolas’ pupils are about 3.5 cm wide each. Now drawing kawaii Legolas on physics assignment.

    And they told you science was no fun.



    I’m going to do it. I’m going to hand it in.

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  4. How good would they have to be, d’you think? Four of them against a man tied up?’ said Jackrum. ‘Nah that sergeant was dead the moment we got ‘im, and he knew it. It took a bloody genius like your rupert to make him think he had a chance. We’re out in the woods, lad. What was Blouse gonna do with him? Who’d we hand him over to? Would the lieutenant cart him around with us? Or tie him to a tree and leave him to kick wolves away until he gets too tired? Much more *gentlemanly* than giving him a quiet cigarette and a swift chop where you go quick, which is what he was expecting and what I’d have given him.’
    Jackrum popped the tobacco into his mouth. ‘You know what most of the milit’ry training is, Perks?’ he went on. ’ All that yelling from little spitbubs like Strappi? It’s to turn you into a man who will, on the world of command, stick his blade into some poor sod just like him, who happens to be wearing the wrong uniform.’
    It’s war. Jackrum knows this, Blouse does not (yet). Monstrous Regiment (2003)
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Discworld Diary at Discworld Emporium
Gollancz secures world rights to publishing Discworld Diaries
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pratchettowe love! xD
Swiat Dysku!!! xD pragnę i pożądam! xD


    pratchettowe love! xD

    Swiat Dysku!!! xD pragnę i pożądam! xD

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They rise heads up, heads up, heads up, they rise heads up, heads up high!


    They rise heads up, heads up, heads up, they rise heads up, heads up high!

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  8. There’s thoughts about to be said, and private thoughts, and real thoughts, and thoughts about thoughts, and a whole gamut of subconscious thoughts. To a telepath the human head is a din. It is a railway terminus with all the Tannoys talking at ones. It is a complete FM waveband—and some of those stations aren’t reputable, they’re outlawed pirates on forbidden seas who play late-night records with limbic lyrics.
    Terry Pratchett, “Equal Rites” (via serenitysalbatross)
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    You need Discworld in your life.

    You may not know you need Discworld in your life but you need it nonetheless.

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  10. Vimes had a momentary vision of vengeful darkness rising through the caves like a tide, faster than a man could run…

    …which was stupid. You couldn’t see dark.

    Hold on, though…sometimes you could. Back in the old days, when he was on nights all the time, he’d known all the shades of darkness. And sometimes you got darkness so thick that you almost felt you had to push your way through it. Those were nights when horses were skittish, and dogs whined, and down in the slaughterhouse district the animals broke out of their pens. They were inexplicable, just like those nights that were quite light and silvery even though there was no moon in the sky.

    He’d learned, then, not to use his little lantern. Light not only ruined your vision, it blinded you. You stared into the dark until it blinked. You stared it down.

    Terry Pratchett, Thud! (via marypsue)
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    This combination of Pratchett quote and Sherlock is excellent.
    From imgur

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    The story begins with the question of the origin of the universe and the opening lines already suggests that this movie will be interesting.

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  14. Magrat wondered what it was like, spending your whole life doing something you didn’t want to do. Like being dead, she considered, only worse, the reason being, you were alive to suffer it.
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    *cares more about TV show characters and their problems than my own*

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