1. Commander Vimes didn’t like the phrase ‘The innocent have nothing to fear’, believing the innocent had everything to fear, mostly from the guilty but in the longer term even more from those who say things like ‘The innocent have nothing to fear’.
    Terry Pratchett  (via laydownanywhere)
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    Favorite Muggleborns headcanons (1/?)

    Snape’s not pureblood you fools. He’s a half blood that grew up, and still lives in, a muggle town. I’m pretty sure he knows what a pen is. Dumbledore’s also a half blood and spell invention is extremely rare and dangerous.

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    okay okay but hear me out: wizarding tattoos

    tattoos of cats that wind around your ankles, birds that fly across your back when you move, a wand that moves when you move your own wand, a map on the back of your hand that shows your current location

    the possibilities are endless

    "cool you have a cat tattoo can i see it?"

    "uh i think it’s sleeping on my ass right now. maybe later."

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    Why doesn’t House have a fandom? Seriously! It’s medical Sherlock.
    Greg House=Sherlock Holmes
    James Wilson=John Watson
    Everyone else=Everyone else

    P.S. Hugh Laurie has the most beautiful eyes.

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    Everything leads to seizures. Everything. Every illness causes you to seize.

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    Dedicated to all my fellow retail employees

    All of these are oh so painfully true.

    It applies to food service too 

    People need to calm the fuck down

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im going to buy a poster of this


    im going to buy a poster of this

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  8. There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed
    Happy birthday Ernest Hemingway, b. on this day in 1899 (via penamerican)
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    I tried to scroll past this. I really did.

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    McLaren P1 | H.U.S.V | EVADE Mockup &

    Evade | Huayra Mockup by The—Kyza

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  12. Illustrations by Cale Funderburk

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  14. Years and years ago, there was a production of The Tempest, out of doors, at an Oxford college on a lawn, which was the stage, and the lawn went back towards the lake in the grounds of the college, and the play began in natural light. But as it developed, and as it became time for Ariel to say his farewell to the world of The Tempest, the evening had started to close in and there was some artificial lighting coming on. And as Ariel uttered his last speech, he turned and he ran across the grass, and he got to the edge of the lake and he just kept running across the top of the water — the producer having thoughtfully provided a kind of walkway an inch beneath the water. And you could see and you could hear the plish, plash as he ran away from you across the top of the lake, until the gloom enveloped him and he disappeared from your view.

    And as he did so, from the further shore, a firework rocket was ignited, and it went whoosh into the air, and high up there it burst into lots of sparks, and all the sparks went out, and he had gone.

    When you look up the stage directions, it says, ‘Exit Ariel.’

    Tom Stoppard, University of Pennsylvania, 1996 (via feferi)
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